Thursday, February 15, 2007

Individual dishes (Reunion Meal)

Fried ginger shreds and vegan "kidney". This is a dish mum learnt from aunt when we were paying a visit. As the mock kidney is rather bland and marinating probably can't help, it's best to cut it into smaller pieces. My aunt cooked it really salty, I guess that's because of the blandness of the "kidney". Serve with lots of rice.

This is a tray of 5 different kind of veg mock meats. Clockwise from upper-left quadrant: vegan sausages, mushroom rolls, ham, roasted duck. In the center is some vegan ba kwa (roasted meat). Ba Kwa is also something Chinese eat for the New Year.

Pod-peas (Pea-pods?) with Shiitake mushrooms stir-fried. Peas-in-a-pod is not my favourite dish. I prefer shiitake mushrooms with leafy greens such as Chinese kale cooked in vegan oyster sauce which mum did for one of the new year in the past.

This is a dish of mushrooms, dried fried tofu, Yuba, and gluten cooked in five spices. This is quite a common dish in Singapore. The gluten is quite bland.

This is the soup dish in our meal containing lettuce, carrots, button mushrooms, mock fish balls, and dried fried tofu. We have this almost every year. I am not a very great fan of mock meats, a dish with greens is welcoming.

This is our dessert. Vegan jelly with longan fruit and pineapple inside.

The dishes aren't exactly healthy with all the frying and oil :) but nevertheless, it's once in a year.. ok, maybe I should say: for major occassions. This year, the market had to undergo renovations, so there's less variety of mock products. I missed the veg deep-fried wonton.

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