Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Year Reunion Lunch and Dinner

Reunion Dinner is eaten on the eve of Chinese new year, and family members, wherever they are, will go back to their hometown to have dinner together.

My family usually have the reunion meal earlier if we are going to Malaysia to visit my Grandma (and have another reunion there). My family's reunion meal is usually lunch, and we can continue in the evening as there's always leftovers. Every year, mum will spend the morning preparing the reunion lunch.

I decided to share with you the kinds of vegan food I have for lunch (and not to let my mum's effort go to waste :)). This is one picture of everything we had for lunch. I tried to decorate the back with some fake lotus flowers and mandarin oranges. I have also taken pictures of the individual dishes which I will upload in the next post.

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