Friday, February 23, 2007

New Year trip to Malaysia

Ahh... Back from Malaysia, finally I can get to eat lots of greens :) In the village where my grandma stays, there isn’t a single vegetarian stall. Everything is meat, meat and more meat. Thankfully, some stalls have food that are suitable for vegetarians, like plain fried bee hoon, some malay cakes, the rice of Nasi Lemak, and fried dough sticks. My relatives were meat-loving omnivores, so almost every home-cooked dish is loaded with meat. I really missed eating veggies while I was there. My dishes usually consist of just one or two vegetables with rice. And as usual, I get questions and remarks about my diet. One relative asked me why I am a vegetarian. I suppressed the desire to ask her why she eat meat and told her my reasons. Some of my relatives said I was pitiful, and can only eat veggies. I just kept quiet. My cousin told me to eat fish since the fish is already dead. When I could tolerate no longer, I told him about supply and demand, and he kept quiet haha... I saw one of my younger cousins burning red ants. The recent cruelty I have experienced mounted up in me, and his action became the last straw. I lost my head... it has been a long time since I got so angry. I took the newspaper and start smacking at the fire madly. Eventually it was put out. Everyone was staring at me in shock. I stomped back into the house. I am actually pretty shocked by my own actions too. It’s really true that anger can kill you, because you won’t know what you are doing, but I was so glad I put the fire out.

Aside all this things a vegetarian or vegan usually face, the trip was pretty pleasant.

We get to light up firecrackers, which we can never do so in Singapore unless the government decides to have a firecrackers show with police standing guard and lots of sweaty people squeezing one another to get a view of the show. That is also one of the reasons why I like to spent CNY in Malaysia. You can experience lots of countryside stuff you will never get to experience in a city.

We visited Genting and Cameron Highlands. The weather at Genting was nice, and you’ll see much fog – probably because you are among the clouds. We went in the day, it wasn’t as cold as that time where I went there in the wee hours. This time round we visited the casino and indoor theme park. I spent 6 ringgit in one minute by taking a roller coaster ride (those really gentle-sloping ones) – no wonder Genting is so rich. Genting Highlands was the only place I got to eat vegetarian food from a vegetarian stall for this trip. But the soup-noodles I ordered seemed to contain crab meat. Eeks! Hopefully I was wrong.

Cameron Highlands was not as cold as Genting. It has many farms on it growing veggies, fruits, tea leaves etc.. I visited a bee farm, the BOH farm (which grows and harvests local tea leaves), and pass by many other vegetable and fruit farms. The view at the BOH farm was breathtaking. On one of the hilltops, you can see the surrounding hills grown with tea plants. There are three small towns aside the farms where people and visitors alike can shop and stay. There are probably some vegetarian stalls around although I didn’t get to try them. Nevertheless, if you can’t find a vegetarian stall, you can approach a restaurant and request vegetarian food. That was what I did as my relatives need to eat meat. The vegetarian dishes may not be as nice as that found in a vegetarian stall, but it’s still edible. If you are visiting Cameron Highlands, and are prone to motion sickness, get ready lots of plastic bags. My aunt and 2 cousins puked in the car from the winding up- and down-hill road.

After this trip, I was reminded yet again to be thankful I am staying in Singapore. If I were to stay in the village, I probably will not even be a vegetarian.


Anonymous said...

I thought your whole family is veg since I saw the food your mom made for reunion. Then you said you are the only veg in your family?

dreamy said...

Hi jn,
My mum isn't a vegetarian. My dad is, but he didn't go to M'sia with us, so that leaves only me who's veg. All my relatives are non-veg :)

Anonymous said...

oic. :)

anglebaby said...

Hi dreamy,
I'm the only Veg in my family too. Sometimes quite difficult to find veg food while visiting places that unfamiliar. I'm going to Genting this weekend. Could you pls. tell me which veg restaurant that you've visited?

dreamy said...

Hi Angelbaby,
The vegetarian outlet I visited was located in the food court at First World Level B2 if I am not mistaken. Other places catering to vegetarians (I heard) includes a chinese restaurant beside Pizza Factory (located at Highlands hotel shopping centre); and first world cafe at level 8.

Hope this helps!

Degradable Plastic Product said...

Other than being a vegetarian, how about becoming a environmental friendly garbage bag user.

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