Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Vegetarian Yu Sheng 素鱼生

Chinese new year is coming soon (18th Feb). On the 7th day of Chinese new year, the Chinese traditionally toss and eat Yu Sheng as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Yu Sheng is a dish of raw fish slices mixed with vegetables, sauces and other ingredients. It is eaten on the 7th day as that day marks everyone’s birthday (人日).

Vegans and vegetarians can get a share of prosperity and abundance with vegetarian Yu Sheng. The accompanying shredded vegetables used in the dish are variable so different restaurants may serve different types of vegetables. Vegetables used include Chinese radish, beetroot, ginger, coriander leaves, carroy, cucumber, sesame seeds, peanuts, sweet potato, mushrooms, purple cabbage, turnip, arrowhead bulb and more.

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