Friday, March 30, 2007

Vegetarian Sansai Ochazuke

I mentioned about my encounter at Sakae Sushi in one of my earlier posts. Today I was back at Sakae Sushi, but this time round I did try out a dish on their vegetarian menu - Sansai Ochazuke. Ochazuke is a kind of meal whereby green tea, dashi, or hot water is poured over rice and eaten. In the case of Sakae Sushi the soup used was dashi and it's served in a teapot.

I expected the bowl of rice to be reasonable, but it was quite small - with a diameter of about 2/3 length of a pair of disposable wooden chopstick. Well.. perhaps I eat a lot :p. However, there was a lot of soup provided - and that will help fill up your tummy better. I wouldn't call the meal filling for SGD$6.90, and there were some ingredients in the picture that were missing in the real dish. I like the interesting part of pouring the soup into the rice, however, the soup wasn't exactly special, though there were some ingredients used in the rice I didn't recognise. The dish is also quite salty, and may taste bland for those who are into foods like onions, garlics, and other strongly flavoured food. But it's taste does have a special style of it's own compared to other cuisines.

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