Sunday, April 22, 2007

Something non-veg?

Yesterday, I spent the whole day doing my project and I was so tired. I bought 2 chinese buns (pau): one yam and one vegetable for dinner, and after eating the vegetable bun halfway, I found pieces of "meat-look-alike" stuff in one, I hope it's not meat urgh! I used to think vegetable buns, which contains shredded turnips, are vegetarian, since the ingredients does not seem suspicious. I have written to the company as well as another company regarding their vegetable paus and have yet to get a reply from either. Hopefully it's vegetarian. This reminds me of the vegetable bun I ate in China. It was filled not with turnip strips, but with real, green, chopped-up veggies. The taste was a little strange for my unaccustomed taste buds though.

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