Monday, April 23, 2007

The vegetable chinese buns are vegetarian

In my previous post on the "meat-look-alike" stuff found in the vegetable chinese bun (pau), the representative of the company - Kong Guan (KG foods) mentioned that they are actually mock char siew. Other paus suitable for vegetarians from this company includes Tau Sar Pau (Red bean paste), Lian Yong Pau (Lotus seed paste), Yam Pau (Yam paste). The Mock Meat Fanchoy (a dish of rice and mock meat) is also vegetarian.

Tau Sar Pau is the one with black filling, Lian Yong Pau is the one with brown filling, Yam Pau is the purple Pau, Vegetable Pau is the one on the top right hand corner. Mock Meat Fanchoy is in the other picture.

Pictures source: Kong Guan website


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's good! now we have an additional choice :)
Thanks for finding out.

dreamy said...

You are welcome jn :)

Edanator said...

Thanks! Can you find pictures of these products? I'm too lazy to search. :-P

dreamy said...

Ok. I will add them in the post when I find them.

(n_n) said...

thanks for this infor! realli useful!

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