Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chinatown and vegetarian eats

Today was a really tiring day, I walked with my mum for 1 hour non-stop from Chinatown to Bugis area, and took my lunch at a vegetarian stall in the hawker center beside the Chinese temple at Waterloo street. I ate Hor Fan - A dish of wide, flat, rice noodles cook with thick gravy. The taste was ok, not really special, and the vegetarian shrimp was tasteless. But the Hor Fan has a good "fire" taste to it, which I like. My mum said last time, to have that "fire" taste in your stir-fry veggies, you need to pour the veggies in when the oil is extremely hot - some chefs actually got the fire burning their food instead of the frying pan.

After lunch, it was hours of walking at the malls. Then it's back to Chinatown again (by bus :))to stand for more than an hour while squeezing with sweaty people to see floats - I don't know what you call them, but they are like cars containing lots of pretty displays and move along the street (instead of on the water surface). It was the opening ceremony of the Buddha tooth relic temple, so most of the floats had a Buddhist theme to it.

There was a charity carnival in conjunction with the opening at a nearby area, and we ate some of the vegetarian food which was offered freely to the public. It was plain bee hoon, with some veggies and some curry, as well as a bowl of green soup. It tasted nice. We also bought some herbal vegetarian noodles at the charity carnival.

Unfortunately, we didn't stay for the opening of the temple, but I must say it's a really grand occassion. Even President Nathan was there. I can't wait to see how it's like in the temple.

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Lotus Heart Tea House @ BTRT is open :)

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