Saturday, May 12, 2007

Healthy vegetarian restaurant at Geylang

I had a buffet dinner at "Healthy vegetarian restaurant" at Geylang road today. The ambience is like a usual kopi tiam, and a few of the dishes were not too warm. The food style is mainly chinese stir fry and the dishes are not unsual or exceptional, but it doesn't taste bad at all. And the buffet was indeed worth the price - SGD$4.90 all you can eat!

There are more than 20 different dishes and you also can get unlimited servings of rice (mixed with a little brown rice). Dishes include curry (yum!), many different varieties of stir fry veggies, soups, crackers, spring rolls, dumplings, sago dessert, fried noodles etc.. There isn't any mock meat used in the dishes, perhaps due to the cost. The price of rice and 3 kinds of veg dishes from such stalls at food courts usually costs around SGD$2.50 at least. And here you get to try more than 20 different dishes at $4.90. Definitely a must go if you are hungry and didn't carry much $ with you.

The place was quite empty even though it's a saturday, perhaps because it's at Geylang and there are lots of food stores to select from, and most people like meat, or maybe not a lot of vegetarians know about that place yet.

Do patronise their stall, here's their address:

Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant
511 Geylang Road, Singapore 389467 (It's between Lorong 27 and Lorong 27A)
Tel: +65 6848 4204 Hp: 9116 0142
Opening hours: 1130am - 930pm daily
Closed on the 2nd and 16th of the Chinese Lunar calender


Edanator said...

So was the food healthy? It doesn't sound that way from your description.

dreamy said...

Interesting observation.
Healthy or not depends on what you are comparing with. If u are comparing them to oil-free/oil-less food then it isn't. But if you want to compare with a similarly-priced meal at Mc Murder, its definitely a lot a lot a lot healthier :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, i'll go try there.. sounds good to me since there's no mock meat..
Hehee.. funny name!~ McM

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