Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vegetarian stuff on Vesak day

Happy Vesak Day! This morning I went to celebrate Vesak day with my mum at the Burmese temple at Ah hood road. Some temples offer free vegetarian food to devotees and visitors on Vesak day, and it was the case with the Burmese temple. I ate my breakfast there and it was excellent! But one note though, I think they do use onions in the dishes. Anyway, the breakfast was very special. I tried their dry noodles cooked in such a way that their noodles seem to stick together and it's nice! Another dish was this bowl of kway tiao soup. The soup looks like laksa without the milk or coconut milk. It's hot and it contains some veggies and some fried stuff in it, and it was also excellent! The final dish I tried was a cold bo bo cha cha styled dessert. Bo bo cha cha is traditionally a sweet potato + yam + coconut milk dessert, but in their version they used agar strips instead of the sweet potato and yam. And if you want you can dip it with bread and eat it, although I didn't.

Anyway, after that I went to do some volunteer work for Singapore's vegetarian society at Kong Meng San temple at bright hill road. There were lots of people there as well. Kong Meng San also offers free vegetarian food for it's visitors (of course we usually don't just eat and go home, it will be better to make a donation). Anyway, I didn't eat their vegetarian food today due to the long queues, but it's usually soup bee hoon which is very nice. When I was young there used to be more variety, like soup noodles, fried bee hoon, all were nice! What did I ate for lunch then? I went to the vegetarian coffee shop nearby which I will talk about in my next post.

Back to the VSS exhibition, there were quite a lot of people and they have put out stools for them to watch the videos - which I thought was a good idea since people usually want to rest their tired legs, meanwhile they can watch an educational video on vegetarianism. Kong Meng San also had their own vegetarian posters beside VSS's posters. The video attracted a lot of people, I heard some "tsk tsk" when the cruelty was being filmed. The meatrix video + some cruelty scenes were also being filmed at another side of the exhibition area and it attracted mainly kids. One little boy was sort of rubbing his chest with his hands when he saw the slaughter, clearly a sign of discomfort towards cruelty. This convinced me further that killing animals for food was not natural at all. Else, why the discomfort when we watch these? If "Lisa the vegetarian" can be shown I am sure it can have more impact on kids. Meatrix was a little too short and it may be hard for the kids to catch when it has no subtitles. I hope these videos can encourage more people to eat less meat or even go veg.


Emmie said...

Happy Vesak day to you!

My boyfriend is Buddhist but we had a very small MOVING celebration on the 1st of May (the first full moon of May). Me moved to a new flat and that was good enough). Next year we'll celebrate properly!

dreamy said...

Happy vesak to you too :)
hehe, I won't consider my celebration a 'proper' one cuz I thought a proper one is where you observe 1 day 8 precepts and practice :)

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