Thursday, May 3, 2007

Yuan Xiang vegetarian food

I had my lunch at Yuan Xiang vegetarian food today. I almost settled for the "fish" ball noodles soup - which I prefer over dried and fried dishes. But I decided to go for something else this time :) and settled for a steam chinese dumplings + noodle dish (served dried). It wasn't exactly the traditional noodles, but I am not sure what it's called in English. Anyway, the dish was ok. The steam dumplings would taste better if there was more filling in it and if it's fried lightly, the skin wrapping of the dumplings is a little thick for my taste, as compared to those instant vegetarian dumplings bought from the supermart. An interesting about the dish is that they seem to use fried garlics and onions but it definitely doesn't smell like garlics or onions. I think they substitute it with other ingredients. (One way of substituting deep fried onions is to use deep fried cabbage (shredded into thin strips)). They also have burgers and different kinds of fried rice. The place is quite small, with only 2 tables in the stall and 3 on the outside. So don't bring too many friends if you are going to eat there.

Yuan xiang is located at Sunshine plaza (1st storey) on the outside of the building:
91 Bencoolen St, #01-59


Anonymous said...

hehe.. i didn't even know there are ready made dumplings in supermarkets.. :P


dreamy said...

They should be found in the frozen food area... where the pizzas, hash browns, meat products etc. are. Mine was bought from NTUC. They will label it as vegetarian.

Fiona said...

I went to this restaurant at the Changi Road location when I was in Singapore. I loved it. We had some kind of wheat shrimp and a host of other dishes, all of which were delicious and enjoyable. Great post!

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