Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kampung Senang holistic health fair

Yesterday I went to volunteer for Singapore Vegetarian Society at Kampung Senang holistic health fair. The fair helps to raise funds for Kampung Senang. One of VSS members sponsored some flaxseed crackers (which she made herself) to be sold at the fair. It was the first time I seen flaxseed being used that way. She grind the flaxseed a little, and she soak in water (if I am not wrong about this part :)). Then the lay it on seaweed and put the spices etc. on it and dehydrated it in the dehydrator, instead of baking in the oven. This will help retain the omega 3 fatty acids, which will otherwise be destroyed by heat. The flaxseed crackers will taste very nice if enough flavours were added to it, I finished the sample pack which was actually meant for the potential buyers hahaha... some of them like it, but some of them ate and went off. I think it depends on which kind of flavours you want to use for the crackers.

Anyway, the fair was really "holistic" in a sense that you see people selling plant juices juiced on the spot, you see people selling organic veggies, organic this and that. An eye opening experience for someone like me who's more into eating tasty food (and not necessary healthy ones).

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