Monday, June 11, 2007

Vegetarian food near Phoo Thor Jee temple at Tanjong Pagar

I had my lunch at one of the vegetarian stalls near Phoo Thor Jee temple at Tanjong Pagar just now. I don't know the exact address, but it was very near the temple and the Tanjong Pagar community club. The stall is located in one of the coffee shops and I tried their dry noodles. The serving portion was resonable and it came with 2 dumplings, some char siew, some mushrooms, vegetables, a small chunk of tempura, and a bowl of soup on the side. I must say it's really nice, and well worth my SGD$2.50 too! The dumpling skin was thin and the amount of filling resonable, making it taste much better. The servings of vegetables were much generous than if you eat elsewhere and the great thing is that they have quite a few pieces of mushroom slices and that small chunk of tempura. The tempura was very nice! The char siew was usual, and the sauce used to cook the noodles is average. The soup is special - not the usual kind served with dry mee or wonton mee, but I guess, vegetarian versions of the soup are very different from the meat version. Anyway, many stalls don't give a bowl of soup on the side, so I think it's pretty good already. Unfortunately I can't show you what I ate without a digital camera, I guess you have to wait till I work before you can get to see the pictures :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Dreamy,

Is dried wanton noodle your favourite ? :)
Have you tried the one in Lo-Han-Zai along Bencoolen Road? It is the glass vegetarian food outlet on the first floor of Fortune Centre. I didn't try it yet but looked good and with reasonable portion on my neighbouring table! :)
Have a Great Blissful Week!

dreamy said...

You have very sharp observation skills! :) Won ton mee is one of my favourites. But I actually prefer soup wonton mee, just that most veg stalls sell only "dry" versions. I like it with lots of chille, but to really taste if they are good, I think it's best not to add too much chili.

Yes, I tried the won ton mee (hehe) at luo han zhai at fortune last time.
They also have soup on the side, but in my opinion I still prefer the dry mee at this stall at Tanjong Pagar in terms of taste, more ingredients also :)

zlyrica said...

Soup wonton mee can be request at Penisula plaza the basement vegetarian food court. Hmm, not bad tho, but i prefer their laksa! Yummy...

dreamy said...

Thanks! I will go and try it one day :) I also like laksa or curry yum!

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