Sunday, June 3, 2007

Vegetarian lunch at Bedok and prison volunteering

Today, I went to volunteer at two prisons, nothing much really, just play some simple games with them. It was an eye-opening experience. The inmates in the first one were less boisterous than the second. The second prison was for more serious offenders and we have to go through a scan before we enter, just like if we were passing the custom to Malaysia. Following that, we have to pass through many metal gates by pressing the intercom. When we entered the room in the second prison, the inmates started making a lot of noises and we (including the guys) were all quite shock, but still, adapting to the new atmosphere was not really that difficult.

Anyway, about lunch... I did my lunch at the vegetarian stall at NTUC foodfare coffee shop in Bedok (should be at block 204 if I am not mistaken). I ordered a vegetarian dried won ton mee. It was quite nice, just that I didn't put enough chilli. But it was quite salty, and there aren't much filling in the won tons. But I still like it because the won tons were fried. The char siew they used did not really blend in with the dish, it was a little too sweet and taste better if they were eaten alone. But I love the wontons, and I really miss the vegetarian won tons my mum used to buy.

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