Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dinner at Indinine cafe

I had dinner at Indinine restaurant at suntec city - a vegetarian cafe yay! I was really bent on trying their portobello mushroom burger despite the great temptation of the Roti prata + curry - which I have been missing for ages. In the end I settled for the burger because it's so special. The mushroom burger was very juicy, in fact, the "juice" dripped onto my pants :S The burger isn't vegan - but you can veganized it by omitting the cheese, but I think it will taste better with cheese - unfortunately, there isn't a non-dairy cheese substitute. The burger is quite filling by itself, and it also comes with potato wedges on the side. This is SGD$9.80. The other dish I shared with my friend is the dumplings. It comes with a small cup of soy sauce. The dumplings are not deep fried (hard) and not too soft, just nice and crispy. It contains minced vegetarian meat and some other stuff which I didn't take much notice. The taste is not exceptional but with the soy sauce it's pretty good. 8 pieces of dumplings for $4.50. The place is located at sky garden at the "tropics" section of suntec city. The ambience is great! It is located at a place where not a lot of people walk past unless they are going to dine at Indinine. I expected the place to be quite crowded, but it wasn't, juz a few other diners around. It's a great place to slow down and relax after a mad shopping spree or a day of hard work or just to catch up with friends. The waitress, Kat, who's a vegan, is very friendly and chatted with us. She is one of the best waiter/waitress I have met. Because the seats are located outside the cafe, you can continue to sit till the cows come home even after the cafe is closed. I will make sure I go back to try out their roti prata the next time :)


junjie said...

hi there, found your site when looking for vegetarian wan ton mee recipe (at 4:30 am)

great to see one maintaining a personal list of vegan/vegetarian food around in singapore and m'sia; have always wanted to do something like this.

i've been to indinine thrice, twice to the suntec outlet. the portobello burger is pretty good. the pho laksa (at keong saik's outlet) was so-so. so was the brown-coloured rice meal on my last visit.

my last visit to the suntec outlet about a month ago kind of tainted my impression of that place. food wasn't too good and there was a rather rude male waiter that utterly peeved the customers at another table.

dreamy said...

Hi Junjie,
when I went there there was just one waitress I think, no male waiter. What did you order when u went last time? Did you try the roti prata? was it good? They have some new items on the menu, but I am not sure how "new" they are.

Edanator said...

They have the best deep fried tofu there, but each small piece costs like a dollar :-s

The laksa is not very impressive, I agreee.

Veggie Bun said...

oh! i must try the burger the next time I go there.. sounds really juicy and good! hehe..

junjie said...

hi there, i have not tried indinine's prata before. however, on a side note, i think gokul (upper dickson road, somewhere near tekka mall) serves respectable north indian cuisine.

for those that avoid onion and garlic, this is also the only indian vegetarian restaurant in singapore (or they claim) that does not use those condiments.

dreamy said...

No condiments! That sounds great, hopefully it's really so hehe.. Thanks junjie :)
The other day I pass by serangoon road and there are several new indian vegetarian eateries..

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