Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lotus vegetarian restaurant at Balestier

Yesterday, I had my lunch at Four Seasons again, and tried their Lor Mee. It was very nice, although not healthy. They used something like fried dough + grated veggies in it with some fried bits of crispy stuff which tasted well even mixed with the Lor mee gravy. The special thing about the gravy is it's herbalness/spiceness, giving it a deep flavour which I didn't come across at other vegetarian stalls selling Lor Mee. The stall doesn't use MSG nor dairy in their food. I asked the proprietors to filled up the details for the stall, it will be on the vegetarian society's vegetarian outlets list soon.

For dinner, I finally went to Lotus vegetarian restaurant at Quality hotel long after it's opening, despite living so near it. The buffet is Asian style, with lots of interesting items to choose from. The ambience was a fusion of both traditional chinese and modern. I expected to see only a few tables of people, but to my surprise, the restaurant was reasonably filled with more people coming in after some left.

Now down to the food... Sushi was my first pick, and it was not like the usual kind at all, the mixed a little bit of chinese radish with mock ham for one type of sushi. They have a variety of stir-fry veggies, fried rice, mee goreng, penang fried kway teow, "mutton" curry.

They also have a range of dim sums; a range of deep fried and pastry options (the pastry is most probably not vegan); Lok-Lok - where you can cook your mock fish balls, hams, tau pok etc in herbal soup and eat with sauce and chilli; Gado-Gado; "shark fin" cooked with veg; mini "steaks"; several sweet and savory kuehs - like dumplings with yam paste, and a kind of semi-transparent kueh with durian paste filling (yum!). There was also this cold seaweed with sesame and chilli, which was excellent. And these are just on the main buffet table!

On the side table, you have more special items as well as dessert. Vegans can eat the coconut-agar-red bean dessert, very rich and nice. On another table, there are 2 kinds of soup in hot pots - winter melon and herbal chicken; and also a pot of fish porridge. And that's not all. You also have several waitresses dishing out prawn mee soup, nasi lemak, and zhui kueh (one of my favourite!) - they all come in petite little plates or bowls. There is also a salad bar where you can pick your own veggies; some fruits; oolong, ginger, winter melon, and green tea; soft drinks; ice-kachang (also pick and make your own).

I tried almost everything there haha.. such a glutton eh? Actually I just eat a small mouthful of each - that will save you from undoing the buttons of your skirt of pants hehe... I must say, Lotus vegetarian restaurant is a must go, for locals and non-locals alike. If you don't like buffet, there's also a ala carte menu.

Do call to reserve seats: 6254 0090/91
201 Balestier Road Singapore 329926 (2nd storey)

Other stuff...
I realised that many non-vegetarians think that vegetarians only ate rice and veggies etc. My collegues were surprised when I told them I ate things like kway chap, Lor Mee. I think promoting vegetarianism here really needs to include what kind of foods vegetarians eat besides the "Whys" and "Hows" of vegetarianism.


zlyrica said...

I'd been to Quality Hotel's Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant a few times, highly recommended esp, when one is having a family celebration or reunion kind of functions. On some occassion they have steam-boats, highly recommended too, yum yum! Even my non-vegetarian family memebers love it.

Dreamy, that's always the case, and many are surprise, it taste as good as the non-veggie ones. It's funny people think vegetarians food are bland...

bazu said...

Oooh, that sounds like an interesting assortment of food. Even though everything wasn't good, how cool that you got to try it!

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I think to promote vegetarianism; we need to promote Vegetarian Foods first. ha..ha..ha... :)

Many years back, when there are chairty fairs (vegetarian foods), lots of yummy vegetarian eateries are real active. But it is not so. That is a good means of promoting/advertising their foods, maybe, the cost is too high or the return is not much, that they pull out one by one.

Wonder when VSS got exhibitions, is there any veg. eateries willing to let the public sample free and yummy veg foods or sell veg at half price? Not sure workable or not, what other constraints or is this appropriate.

Jackie said...

I find so few places I can eat out here being such a huge meat eating country so I get jealous of all the dishes people can get overseas when eating out. Sick of being treated like I am a rabbit and being offered a boring salad everywhere I go :(

Travegan said...

Ah, even I have been to Lotus vegetarian, went there on my short visit to SG. At that time it was totally packed, it seemed there was a German conference at the hotel as most everyone in the restaurant was German and most of them dressed in national costumes as well.

Anyway, the food was pretty good and the selection reminded me much of Xu Xiangzhai (徐湘斋) near the Lama Temple (雍和宫). Certainly worth a visit, both of them, especially when really hungry so you can stack up at the buffet.

vko said...

Sounds like tons of fun! I love to be able to sample a variety of vegan delights.

dreamy said...

Zlyrica, did u try the steamboat buffet? was it good?

Yea bazu, you've gotta try it if u drop by SG :)

That will be interesting Crystal, but the locations where we have exhibitions will probably not allow the sales, and VSS has strict regulations about handling of money so it may not be possible (for now).

Hi jackie, sorry my post made u upset... but you are not alone :) I do look at the amazing food others can get where they live and I want to eat them too. But it also goes to show how strong willed you are!

Jari, are the 2 restaurants in Beijing?

So do I vko :) I saw from ur blog you DO sample a lot of delights hehe..

zlyrica said...

I did, i had a great time, i's checked, they have steamboat during the weekdays (Mon-Thur). Go try!

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