Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eateries: Xinmin vegetarian and vegetarian healthfood

I went to Xinmin vegetarian restaurant for lunch the other day. It's located at Keong Saik street at China town. The food was quite pricey and just acceptable. I ordered a bowl of claypot noodles for $4.50. It contained just the noodles and some bits of different veggies, hardly any mock meat. But as compared to the usual restaurant pricing, it's considered cheap. The ambience was ok, pretty quiet and air-conditioned. It would be better to go there in a group as you can try the wider variety of dishes from the ala carte menu.

At vegetarian healthfood, I tried the herbal hor fan ($4.50), which came in a claypot with a fire burning underneath. The herbal taste was really strong and it will be nice if you like herbal-sytled dishes. Mum tried the laksa ($3.50) and said it was so-so. Vegetarian health also sells other food such as won ton mee and claypot rice. You can visit Veggiebun's blog for more information as she is a fan of vegetarian healthfood.


urban vegan said...

I know you say this stuff is so-so, but for a vegan who adore s SE Asian cuisine--I'm dyin' over here! Please send me some claypot noodles! (We have some decent SE Asian restaurants, but I am sure they are very Westernized.)

dreamy said...

I could if it doesn't come boiling in a claypot :) Come here one day to try UV!

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