Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mid autumn festival

Happy belated Mid-autumn festival! Mid autumn festival is traditionally celebrated on the 15th of the lunar month every year. The mid-autumn festival has many myths along with it - including the jade rabbit and Chang-e who flew to the moon, and mooncakes being used to distributed secret messages in the past. When I was young, we used to carry lanterns around at night and burn candles at the playground. Now it's all about eating mooncakes and getting fat from all the calories. Some people will eat mooncakes together with tea and admire the full moon at night, unfortunately I couldn't see the moon yesterday.

Many mooncakes are not vegan. Be sure to check if it contains lard, egg, non-vegan margarine and dairy. Some mooncakes use egg to gloss it's surface as well, so be sure to check. There are also vegetarian mooncakes available, but still be sure to check for the above ingredients as well as there are many versions of "vegetarian".

Lunch today was at Tiong Bahru market again, this time I tried Cong cong's hor fan. It was pretty good, with lots of veggies! If you always complain about the lack of veggies in the vegetarian dishes, be sure to try this stall, they have lots of veggies in their dishes. The stall also sell hokkien mee, fried rice, and mee goreng. If you want the usual mix veg rice it's also available.


bazu said...

I loved learning about the Mid-Autumn festival. I am fascinated by seasonal celebrations like that.

Joker said...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival =P

I was wondering could we do a link exchange???

dreamy said...

There are more celebrations coming up, I will try to post on that :)

Hi Joker,
I do prefer link exchanges with veg-related blogs. But I guess 1 blog is ok :)

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