Saturday, September 8, 2007

Su Guo Vegetarian stall

Last night I went to this vegetarian stall in Bendemeer hawker centre for dinner and ate their tom yam seafood soup. As expected, the ingredients were the usual ones - a few pieces of mock meat and a few pieces of veggies. The soup, however, was unique compared to the usual veg tom yam soup meals. Their "homemade" yam cake, however, was excellent! Must try, it's the best I have eaten so far. It's neither too hard nor too soft. The tom yam noodle soup is $2.50 and yam cake is 60c per piece. The stall number should be 01-75 if I am not wrong. It is between a coffee stall and another vegetarian stall called "you yuan vegetarian". You yuan vegetarian is a very "egg-heavy" vegetarian stall, so I didn't order from there. Mum did and got herself some oyster omelette (hao jian) with the "oyster" substituted using abalone and straw mushrooms.

Basically, the food at Bendemeer hawker centre is cheap as it is located in a residential and factory area. It is at these places where you can get to try cheap local delights (but unhealthy). Try to go at lunch time because most stalls would close for dinner. Yesterday I only spotted three vegetarian stalls out of the seven or eight that are still opened.


urban vegan said...

Oh yum. I love tom yam soup but if I want a vegan version, I have to make it myself. That's it. I'm coming to Singapore!

bazu said...

I love cheap local food- the best kind!

R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...

Hi, stumbled across your blog with trying to search of where in singapore to get vegan cake or mooncake? i'm trying to get one for my friend's birthday..=) preferbly near ang mo kio or nearby...thanks! =D

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention that i called emi cakes but they use milk in their eggless cakes, which kind of defeats the whole purpose, i think...

please kindly let me know via replies here, or a new post...i'll check back here regularly...THANKS a lot! =D

zlyrica said...


For Vegan Cakes, you can call Sabreena at:
The Conscious Choice Pte Ltd
tel: 67354880 / fax: 67354990 / mobile: 98167974 / email:

For Vegan Mooncakes:
Happy Realm Vegetarian Food (Su Shi Lin)
100 Eu Tong Sen St., #03-136 6222-6141
Recommended - The "Wu Ren" (5 Nut) mooncakes - made fresh.

South East Asia Vegetarian Restaurant
190 Waterloo St (Next to the famous Guanyin Temple)

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Being a vegetarian in Singapore, is so lucky, there is so much to eat here - veg. version of most of the different type of cuisines.

I am so happy :)

dreamy said...

I guess Zlyrica has pretty much gave the answer. Another kind of mooncake you can eat are those that are really cheap and sold as a stack of 4 or 5 in a paper wrap, but the paste is more of bean paste than lotus paste. Do check the ingredients still.

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