Saturday, October 20, 2007

Food and a pirate bird

I haven't have much time to blog lately as work was quite tiring and the long hours in front of the computer was quite taxing on the eyes, but here are some updates...

I found out the other day that yee mee may not be vegan as they may be made with eggs, do check with the stall owner when you buy even if it's from a vegetarian stall. I ate at Bukit Merah Centre the other day. The hawker centre has one vegetarian stall, which is also the place I bought the yee mee and encounter the egg issue... Anyway, I would say their food is so-so and the hawker stall doesn't give a "very clean" feeling. Not to worry though, no stomach upsets.

I ate at Silat Avenue again the other day from Four Season, they had a new dish - curried fish with rice. You get a mini wok of curry with 2 slices of soy fish and lots of okra, and some tomato. The presentation of the food is very good, in fact, I would say four seasons has the best presentation of food compared to the other vegetarian stalls from hawker centres and coffee shops I have ate at. For the Kway chap, the "meat" was also served separately instead of in the bowl of rice sheets itself. (Some digression... My new collegue was surprised that such a "meat" dish can be turned vegetarian :))

The other day I spotted a little "pirate" myna. Why I said it's a pirate because it only got a stump left on one of it's leg and looks like a pirate's wooden leg. Unfortunately I didn't have a digital camera to capture it, but it certainly look like a survivor among the rest of it's peers.

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