Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lunch @ Whole Earth, Dinner @ Vegetarian Health Food

More about yesterday... I had my lunch @ Whole Earth vegetarian restaurant @ Geylang. It has a Chinese Ambience with Chinese calligraphy, Chinese paintings on the wall, it's furniture and utensils are also very Chinese, but their background music is a stark contrast to their decor.

Lunch starters came first with vegetarian ikan bilis (which looks very similar to the recipe I posted earlier), cold pickled vegetable and chilli - you can see the pictures at Veggie Bun's site it's pretty much the same. The ikan bilis was very crispy and yummy :9 Four of us ordered a dish of mushrooms and fatt choy, a set of green curry (which I realised later it's probably not vegan), and tofu oatmeal. The mushroom and fatt choy is not very unique in Chinese cuisine, and the taste is ok, the tofu oatmeal has a sweet taste to it and the tofu's crispy exterior blends nicely with it's soft interior. We also ordered iced passion fruit + lemon grass drink. The total bill is ard $70. Pretty pricey, but the tofu oatmeal and drink is worth a try.

For eyes... left: mushroom and veggies; right: tofu oatmeal
On to dinner. Dad came back from China so I brought him and mum to Vegetarian Health Food (Luo Han Zai) @ Fortune Centre so he can try the speciality dishes. He chose mix-veg rice instead -.-''' Mum's food was the best - soy sauce chicken with rice. The sauce is very special and reminds me of their vegetarian claypot rice.
I ate something that's pretty boring - Hokkien mee. Too little veggies and the display of the food isn't good. The taste was so-so, but thankfully, not too much mock meat. Hokkien mee at Four Season's much better.


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Dreamy, Dreamy, how to locate all your posting on FOOD? Can't find the label at the side.

Thanks :) Happy New Year to you :)

dreamy said...

Hi Crystal, I am looking to reclassify everything and putting one on the side, but for the time being u can click on the "food" label below this post.

Veggie Bun said...

oh, i haven't tried the soya sauce mock chicken before! looks good... maybe I should go there one of these days. :P

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