Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Smoothie demo

Last Sunday there was an environment awareness event held at Bukit Gombak, I did some volunteering for Vegetarian Society Singapore. Yeow demonstrated how to make a meal-in-a-drink raw smoothie (pink coloured!) for the people who visited our booth.

He uses the following ingredients in his smoothie: Red dragon fruit, mango, banana, lime, cashew nuts, flaxseeds, almonds, wolfberries, and walnuts it tasted sweet even though he didn't add in the brown sugar he brought along. I can hardly remember how he did it, but he said the fruits should go in first. So let me try and recall what he did, something like this...First toss in dragon fruit, lime and some banana and mango. Start the blender (don't use high spin) and then add in the nuts, flaxseed and wolfberry type by type. Add water when it gets too thick and ice to cool the mixture (you can omit the ice if you are afraid it will spoil the blender). Finally, add in more mango and banana to sweeten the drink. Drink! Yum! Note: The non-fruits are pre-prepared by soaking them in water.

That's Yeow, and beside him is Kau Wee helping him break the ice up.

Here's another way to make a fruit smoothie.

Something else... This time at the exhibition we only brought our hunger statue to let people know how eating meat contributes to world hunger. If you wish to donate food to thrid world countries do donate vegan food so as not to contribute to the vicious hunger cycle.


Edanator said...

Oh! I wish I had known... I want to try Yeow's stuff. Talk about vitamin bomb! Sounds delicious too!

dreamy said...

Ok, next time if there's a smoothie demo I will let u know hehe... Yes It's a vitamin bomb - very rich and dense! Yeow says the lime is a vitamin C pill, hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Having a smoothie demo, real interesting :) & fun too, i guess.

Oh, if there is a chance, i should turn up too. My boy loves watching all these demo (food or non-food) at the supermarket, expo. -- crystal

dreamy said...

Does your boy love to cook Crystal?

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Cooking is never my boy's favour, but he can cook plain rice when he was in P1. Cook instant noodle, fry simple stir-fry (his control of seasoning is horrible, very blend! ha....ha...)solo without being watched. -- crystal.

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