Saturday, January 12, 2008

Visiting Forest Dew Restaurant again

As promised, here are the reviews for the set meals at Forest Dew Vegetarian Restaurant. We went there pretty late yesterday, so there wasn't much choice of food left for us.

I picked the Korean set meal of mince meat with tofu and shiitake mushrooms, soup and a bowl of brown rice. It came on a wooden block and a burning fire underneath the soup. The burning of the fire emits a smell, so I blew it out. Now the soup is steaming hot and coming towards my direction so you can't see it clearly.

Mum found the sauce of the mince meat with tofu and mushrooms nice, to me it was a little special only if you eat have drank the accompaninng soup before eating the sauce. The soup was very "light" and peppered-tasting, reminding me of the soups often found in vegetarian instant noodles. The lightness of the soup is however a strong contrast to the thick and heavy sauce used for the tofu. For $7, I would say its got good presentation but the taste is so-so.

Another dish is the pineapple fried rice. I didn't expect it to taste of curry as well. Not much to comment on as I only ate 2 mouthfuls, but since I like curry, it's good, and it's not too spicy.

They ran out of the soup we want so we ordered the watercress soup. It's light and has a deep taste of the vegetable, good!

Finally dad had the fish head bee hoon. I thought it has got milk in it just like the other fish head bee hoons, but the waitress say they didn't use milk. I tried it and tasted an evasive flavour of coconut. The soup is thick and deeply flavoured by the "milk" and the mock fish is good! It comes in a very presentable format, but this was taken after my family dissected it.


Veggie Bun said...

looks really nice! can't wait to go there... :)

dreamy said...

heh! must go must go :)

Veggie Bun said...

btw, is it in their own shophouse or inside a foodcourt?

dreamy said...

it's shophouse styled :)

Veggie Bun said...

Oh, i went there last Sunday. Was quite disappointed with the flavour of the food though.

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