Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hor fan, curried rice, and mochi

After the first two days of new year, it is time for some of the shopping malls to open their doors again and the clothes will be on sale. Yesterday, I went to do some shopping and again had my lunch at vegetarian health food eatery. I had wanted to try the other stalls but it seems like most of them are still closed.

Vegetarian health food outlet was certainly packed. Which was quite surprising since it's no longer the first day of Chinese New Year where many people will be a one-day of half-day vegetarian.

This time round we had curried fried rice and hor fan (again!). The hor fan was tasty with thick gravy and had lots of vegetables, imo better than the one I had at forest dew restaurant.

The curry fried rice looks really plain and usual at first sight. Barely any vegetable, mainly just rice. But looks can be deceiving: like a water chestnut, ugly on the outside, tasty every bite. The fragrance and taste of the curry was so strong, I could barely taste the hor fan after I ate a mouthful of rice. If you are afraid of hot stuff, no worries because it's only slightly hot. More dishes from VHF here and here.

Most of the chinese new year cookies like pineapple tarts etc. are not vegan, but mochi (muah chee) to saves the day. I have no idea whether this is the Chinese or the Japanese version. But those traditionally sold at roadside stalls or Pasar Malams are usually coated with peanut bits and sugar.


urban vegan said...

Happy New Year! I'll have a mochi, please!

Funny, after our Jan 1 New Year, our clothes go on sale, too. Funny how commerce is tied into the calendar.

Edanator said...

Where is this eatery?

dreamy said...

The eatery is vegetarian health food at 1st level, fortune center.

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