Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Two dinners

I had dinner again at Whampoa market and Forest Dew restaurant again. The experience at the whampoa market wasn't too good this time. But the man had came up with two new dishes - Nasi lemak and I think the other one was Beijing duck rice or smth. They were sold out when I went there the other day, so we tried the yee mee and claypot mee sua.

It turns out that the yee mee was half-cooked, not all the noodles were soaked in the gravy, so it became "shen mee" instead. The taste, as usual has the slight herbal tinge in it.

The claypot mee sua was not salty enough and it was pretty plain, though it looks really healthy. I can't remember if there were any mock meat. If there is, there's probably very very little.

At forest dew we ate the hor fan and abalone hand-made noodles. Hor fan was good, with the fire taste lingering, but I still prefer the hor fan at cong cong.
The hand-made noodles were indeed hand-made: No springy bite to it. The mock abalone was plain but good, tender and soft. The soup they used is probably the same as the soup for the korean meal set. Overall, I still prefer the hor fan, but the abalone was pretty nice.


the vegan blog tracker said...

With those pics, you could've fooled me - it *looks* very tasty.

dreamy said...

Looks can be deceiving :)

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