Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vegetarian bee hoon

Vegetarian bee hoon is something very common in Singapore and you can find this at almost every vegetarian food stall you go to - those in hawker centres or coffee shops. Some stores even specialized in vegetarian bee hoon, like the store at Tiong Bahru hawker centre and the one at Chinatown hawker centre. The bee hoon is nice, but a megre portion. Still you will see many people buying from them.

Fried bee hoon can be done dark or light, difference is just the addition of dark soy sauce. In many versions of fried bee hoon, you will see the addition of vegetarian goose, mock char siew and cabbage or french beans. Curried vegetables are also very common if you opt for it.

This version of vegetarian bee hoon is found in a coffee shop near Whampoa market. The mock goose isn't used here. Broken rod in the centre is a spring roll.

Kway chap from the same stall - basically flat rice sheets and dou pao with some gluten mock gut like many vegetarian kway chaps.


Urban Vegan said...

I know I say this again and again, btu I have GOT to come to Singapore.

Edanator said...

Urban Vegan: Yes, you do! :-)
The food is cheap too!

dreamy said...

:) Yea do come and try out more of the unhealthy stuff! :D

Ask said...

the food that you recommend is really yummy. do you know any teochew porridge buffets suitable for vegetarians/vegans? i do not want to eat any meat or animal oil, eggs or diary, there are "meat-eating" outlets that provide teochew porridge buffets. but i am not sure if they are "pure". any idea?
thank you.

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