Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lotus heart tea house @ BTRTS

I was at BTRTS the other day and saw a beautiful sand mandala on display.

Didn't get to try their tea house my previous visit and I make sure I did this time round. The side door leading to the tea house was closed giving an impression it was closed for the day. I pulled it open and the whole place was almost deserted except for some people at a table.

The tea house was very quiet with what I feel was a mix of chinese and zen-like decor. The place was dimly lit with the lights from the lanterns and the door. If you read chinese martial arts comics, it a little like going into one of those tea houses on a deserted night (just that this one has got more decor). If you want to eat your meal in peace, this ambience is excellent.

The day's bento set is this... the small brown stuff in the centre is pickled cai xin. The bento comes with a small bowl of soup with some ginger shreds and free flow of tea. $5.

Stir fried nian gao (glutinuous rice cake). Nian gao is often eaten during chinese new year, but it's the sweet, browned version battered and deep-fried. Stir-fry nian gao is Shanghai-styled. This one taste quite plain. Also $5.
An overexposed picture of their vegetarian siew mai, $3. An omnivore's siew mai is just like a pork wonton, meat in wonton skin. But a vegetarian version differs greatly, depending on the innovation of the chef. You may get mince mock meat with water chestnuts in it, etc. In this version, I think they use glutinuous rice, I am not sure if there are other ingredients. It's quite nice.
Lotus heart also have other desserts and teas etc. on their menu. It is located on the second floor of BTRTS behind the exhibition hall. Address: 288 South Bridge Road Singapore 058840


Sunny said...

That's nice pictures you have got on the tea house and good descriptions:-)

Did you enter by the side door near right rear end of exhibition hall? Their main entrance is actually on the left. I think they should provide more visible signs to direct people to the entrance.

When I visited the temple on Fri, I saw that they had a latest promo: $8 Buffet dinner but I was too full to try then. :-)

Jackie said...

What terrific pictures you took of the tea house. I would love to visit one.

Veggie Bun said...

Oh! there's a teahouse on 2nd floor? I went to the temple twice but never knew this..

Urban Vegan said...

Looks so beautiful and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Veggie Bun, It's 'hidden' at end of 2nd floor exhibition hall.
It just opened in Feb this year.

Veggie Bun said...

oic! i didn't go there since last Dec.. :P

dreamy said...

Yes the directions to the tea house is really bad people often stumble in rather than walk in hahaha...

Yes it is very peaceful especially when there is no one around, I will give 5 stars for that.

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