Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pine tree and Forest Dew

More dishes from Forest Dew restaurant and the Pine Tree stall at Whampoa market.

Tom yam noodles, very rich tom yam taste, besides that, it's rather average.

Black pepper "beef" korean set meal. The soup and rice are essentially the same as the other korean set I had before. But this set, with a strong black pepper taste, is much better than that one.

This is the Char kway teow from Forest dew, sorry it's a little blurred, but it's very good! Reasonably sweet and salty with a "firey" taste to it. They used mash tofu bits to substitute egg. This can certainly beat their "wet" version (hor fan).

I haven't had mee goreng for ages so I can't say how this is compared to other veg mee goreng. But it is nice for my taste buds. Still, it can't beat the char kway teow.

Pine tree's whampoa market stall's lor mee. Gravy is not too thick. Fried wonton is good, otherwise, pretty average. They don't have yong tau fu at the Whampoa market stall, but they have roti prata - not vegan though unfortunately :(.


Sunny said...

Wow, Char Kway Teow & Mee Goreng!!! Looks Good!!! I must try it.:-)

Sunny said...

Hi Dreamy,
may I know how you manage to label your link in your text instead of a string of address?

Billy said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about pet food. I replied.

This looks good. There are so many blog posts with vegan recipes that I'm lost. :)

dreamy said...

Hi Sunny,
type the text u want on your blog post. On the toolbars area, you see a "green globe" icon. Highlight your text and click the green globe. Paste your Url in the box that appears and u are done!

Sunny said...

Thanks, Dreamy:-)
Good week ahead!!!:-)

Anonymous said...

The roti prata not vegan? Contains egg?

dreamy said...

Roti prata sold outside will depend on what they use. Many usually use margarine or ghee. Ghee is more ex, so it's usually margarine, but most margarines sold in singapore are not vegan especially the cheap ones like planta. As for the curry that comes with the roti prata, many proprietors will add a little milk into the curry.

Anonymous said...

Planta isn't vegan? What ingredient makes it so?

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