Saturday, March 29, 2008

VSS Annual General Meeting

Last week we had the Vegetarian Society Singapore AGM. I am not going to bore you with the details of the AGM, but I am sure it won't be too boring to look at some of the food VSS caters for the group that turned up.

Here's the tofu dish, with the shredded veggies and mushrooms. Doesn't look pretty, and to make things worse my camera can't handle even a faint tremble when taking the picture. But I must say don't underestimate the taste of that tofu.

Ok now we have Zhai Cai. I can't remember how it taste since the taste of the next dish is so overwhelming. But the zhai cai uses a special, crispy (I would guess: ikan bilis) substitute in it.

I have no idea what kind of vegetarian sambal that is, but it's overwhelming in terms of hotness, even a little bit is hot enough for your eyes to water. To add on to that, you have another hot curry dish. Luckily there's lots of rice to sooth your taste buds.

We also had this onde onde-like dessert. I love it!

If you didn't come for AGM this year, remember to come next year :)


Edanator said...

I couldn't make it. :-(

The food looks great, but not friendly for the spicy-shy!

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...


Jude said...

Hey! I've been a vegan for 1+ week. Do you have MSN? Because I have a lot of queries about Vegan stuffs.

chow vegan said...

Looks interesting, especially the dessert!

dreamy said...

Only the curry and sambal, the rest are non-spicy, do come to the AGM next round Eda :)

Hi Jude, you can send me an email in my profile.

I like the dessert, it was good!

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