Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dim Sum @ Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Today I tried the Dim Sum for dinner at Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. We ordered almost the whole list on the Dim Sum section except for the sushi and yam paste dish which is usually crispy yam on the outside with mock meat on the inside.

Anyway we ordered the "laughing paus", siew mai, vegetable dumpling (clockwise from top). The laughing paus are basically the same as mock char siew pau, pretty usual. The siew mais are good, they use mock meat for the filling. Vegetable dumplings are filled with turnips shreds etc. which I found was pretty much usual.

This is the fried carrot cake we had. Although the filling is plainly radish paste, it is very nice! The crispy skin on the outside with the soft and tender paste is a great blend.

This is known as their tofu skin wrap. Basically, it's just like a vegetarian ngo hiang (minced mock meat + veggies wrap in tofu skin). It comes with a few dashes of plain gravy. I wouldn't be able to tell you how it compares with an omnivorous ngo hiang, but its got a good pass for a vegetarian ngo hiang.

The green dumpling is known as the vegetarian shark fin dumpling. The one on the right, if you have already guess, is the vegetarian har kow (shrimp dumpling). The shark fin dumpling is very nice and unique. I have no idea what they use for the filling at all besides some mince mock stuff. It seems to contain stuff reslembling bee hoon or enoki stems as the mock fin. Har kow filling is divided into 2 layers, the top layer being minced veggies and the bottom layer a piece of mock shrimp.
Ok one last dish - vegetarian spring roll. The normal spring roll is usually filled with turnip, carrot shreds, but unlike the usual roll, these contain yam paste mixed in too so it's pretty filling for your tummy.
The prices are ok with each dim sum set ranging from $2 to $3. With drinks, starters, etc. thrown in the bill is ard $26. The restaurant also offers ala carte and buffet.

The place? 201 Balestier Road Singapore 329926 (2nd storey)


Jackie said...

What a wonderful meal you had and how reasonably priced.

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Oh, I must go there, the food look good. :) Hmmm...., Mother Day, maybe?


Sunny said...

That's at the Quality hotel?
I had always wanted to try but abit out of the way for me:P
I heard the buffet is good.
Oh yes, Mother's Day is a good time to try:-)

Heikki said...

OMG I wish there was a restaurant like that here in Helsinki...

chow vegan said...

I wish there was a place like that around here too. There was a veggie restuarant that offered dim sum, sadly they closed. Regular chinese restaurants have some veggie dim sum but nothing close to that. You're so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Crystal, if you're planning to go there for any PH, do call for reservations. Their buffets on fri-sun are rather packed. My fav. place for now.


fangqi86 said...

U make me so hungry I'm calling them to make a dinner reservation first thing tomorrow morning.

Dim sum dim sum here I come! :P

lattanzilara said...

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