Saturday, April 5, 2008

Forest dew and an animal sanctuary design logo

The other I went to forest dew again, so here are some more dishes from forest dew.

This is known as their dumpling noodles. The ingredients for vegetarian dumplings, like wontons and siew mais, is very up much to your creativity unlike their meat counterparts. Their dumplings here are made with bits of tofu skin and some minced veggies, though pretty average I would say.

Hong Kong stir fry bee hoon. Very nicely done! The bee hoon is neither too dry nor wet, just nice and it taste great too :) Must try!

Their vegetarian curry (a side dish). Remember to order this only when you have rice to go with it, otherwise it's quite salty when eaten alone. As for dairy, no problem, they don't use it in their curry. Very thick curry gravy with deep flavour. Hotness level is still acceptable. Again, must try as well.

If you miss the older pictures from forest dew you can see them here, here, here and here.

I came across the winning design logo of Animal Liberation Sanctuary Nepal, which I thought looks pretty nice. The Sanctuary is a 13 acre park which house animals about to be killed and let them live out their natural life span in peace.


easyV said...

The stir-fry bean hoon looks ridiculously good!! And as for the answer to your question about me and my veggie broth, I'm lazy, so I use Orrington Farms powdered vegtable soup base! Thanks for commenting me!!

Anonymous said...

Is that wontan in the curry dish, it look like one.

Oh, i love curry :) crystal

dreamy said...

Thanks for letting me know about the soup base :) but I think we don't have them here... :S

Nope, it's not wonton, it's dumpling :)

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