Thursday, May 1, 2008

Deli Vege

Happy Labourless day! I was at Chinatown and lunched at Delivege today - tried their recommended dishes - claypot rice and fish and chips. Also the malay styled kang kong. Fish and chips are not 100% vegan (note the mayonnaise in the salad), so those healthy vegetables entered my mum's stomach while I filled mine with oil. There goes my fruit fast. Sorry about the blurred pictures, I tried my best, but my camera was cheap, can't withstand even a little movement.

The ambience was contemporary, you will see lots of veg slogans on one face of the wall e.g. "Are you meat free?" and "I don't eat animals because they don't eat me" etc. And there is another wall showing what I thought to be names of pro-veg people.

Claypot rice came with lettuce on the top. The waitress mixed the rice with the lettuce shreds and those crispy rice at the bottom and dished it onto our bowls.
The rice was pretty good, on top of the lettuce, it came with small round pieces of mock meat which were very tender as well as thin slices of mushrooms and carrots. Usually you will see burnt rice in the claypot, but it depends on what extend the burnt rice is. Too much is bad, but too little make a less fragrant and less crispy claypot rice. This one is just nice. $7 for a small pot.

Kang kong. This wasn't very good. Too little leaves and it's difficult for me to mix the gravy with the kang kong before eating. $8

Finally fish and chips $7.90. Very good! The mock meat was done with a very crispy outside, a thin layer of nori in the middle, soft and succulent on the inside - it made me wonder if they made their own mock meat instead of purchasing from a mock meat supplier. I find it best to be eaten without tomato, chilli sauce or lemon juice. I can't rate salad as I didn't eat it.

They will also charge you for a starter and service. The place is 200 South Bridge Road Singapore 058749


Anonymous said...

I'll be going there on Mother's Day with the rest of the family. All 16 of us! Hahas. Hopefully our dishes will be good as well. And I look forward to seeing the quotes on the walls. =))


vaarloek said...

hey! i searched for "vegan in singapore" or something like that, and found your blog. i like it! and it makes me feel slightly excited about all the variety in vegan food in singapore, it seems like paradise to a norwegian soul! it's getting better over her, but still vegan food is not easy to find, especially if you're not living in oslo (which i currently am). and yeah, "excited" because i'm going to singapore in the end of july, for the fall semester 8)

it's good to be prepared.

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Rabbitxy, my son also mentioned that he wanted to date me there on Mother's Day, after he dined there that day.

The Whole Earth is also having some Mother's Day Menu and stuff.

I haven't decide where I want to go.

The place is nice, the toilet is nice too :p I wanted to try the claypot stuff. See lah, I am growing side way with all these good food ......

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Looks awesome!

dreamy said...

Wow rabbitxy! Then you better call and book in advance! I didn't know your family is so extended :)

Hi Vaarloek, yes you can find vegan food here easily, no worries, just have to check out Vegetarian Society (Singapore)'s website for the list of veggie outlets. If you want healthier meals, it will always be better to cook at home though :)

Where is your son bringing you crystal?

Anonymous said...

I still haven't decide on the venue yet, haven't redeem my Mother's Day Treat :)

I need to take care of his little wallet, ha...ha... crystal

Anonymous said...

Just saw the replies. Yea, we're pretty 'extended'. Heex..

Dreamy can read my bad-turned-good experience at VSS forum. I had such high expectations of this place after reading your entry..Kind of disappointed actually.

Crystal, your son is so awwwwwwwwww SWEET!


dreamy said...

rabbitxy, try and go when there are few people around. The last time I was there, the chef also took a while to prepare the food. Hastily prepared food may have lower standard :)

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