Thursday, May 22, 2008

Environmentally friendly meal box

Fell sick these two days after an overdose of cookies on Vesak. But it was good to be able to get my much needed quality afternoon nap.

While I was at KMSPKS the other day, I saw this environmentally friendly paper meal box on display.
Live Green, Eat Green. The chinese wordings "为环保,请吃素" means for environment protection, please go vegetarian". This is a good alternative to the usual plastic or styrofoam food containers. The company producing these boxes claims their suppliers own the land where the tress are grown and harvested over and over again. Thus, recycling the land preventing from cutting virgin forest around the world.

Some more eats from forest dew...

Mince mock meat with tofu

Crunchy stir-fried long beans


zlyrica said...

hehehe, me suppose to post the pictures of the eco meal box on moonpointer's designs & publications section but didnt have the time to do so... thks for posting it in your blog.

Not many ppl know the benefits of it. Hopefully more ppl convert to it soon :)

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Great, i think the eco meal box can go more eco-friendly by not being so colourful.

I think there should be another design for dining in (no need the box cover) or better still use simple plain paper plate.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

? Is the box for packback purpose? It looks like it can only contain dry food like buns or rice. Can it be used for those dry noodles? Any idea where to get them?

Urban Vegan said...

Nice to see some environmentally-friendly packaging.

Your foods always look so tasty.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the colour is used for making it attractive - so that attention would be paid to it and the educational text on the box, which includes the 6 reasons to go vege, as listed at
plus this poem abbreviated (at bottom of box) -
Maybe a less colourful design can be used in future.

The company doesn't have non-covered plates at moment. Any sources to recommend? The box can take soupy items too. It even has ventilation holes.

Advantages of the box include - being washable, reusable, microwavable. It has been awarded Green Label by S'pore Environmental Council and won some awards. It is made of recycled fibre from reforested plantations. More advantages can be found at

Anonymous said...

6 Reasons to Go Vege

1. Because a balanced vegetarian diet leads to a healthier and longer life.
2. Because trapped animals lead short fearful lives before painful slaughter.
3. Because 1/3 of all grain breed farm animals while the poor starve.
4. Because meat production causes 18% of greenhouse gases and wastes resources.
5. Because wars are karmically linked to hatred from much killing of animals.
6. Because all animals have been reborn as our kin in previous lives.

(sorry... posted here as the url got cut off)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I thinking that a simple design, less colour and yet attractive, may still convey the message. The problem is who can design this, simplicity is beauty.

Do people keep and reuse the box or just eat and throw? Definitely better than disposable plastic container.

Nice reasons for going veg, last 2 points might not means anything to non-buddhist. Is these reasons only used on the box or been "advertise" BIG BIG elsewhere so everyone get a chance to read, kinda 1:many rather than 1:1.

Cheers : ) --- crystal

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Design is subjective stuff... most liked the design. Even simplicity and beauty are subjective stuff :-) The idea of the colour is to draw people to take a closer look. The plainer it is from afar, the lesser the drawing effect.

Even if people throw it away after one use, it is still friendlier than using most other disposable containers. Guess that's how it got awarded Green Label.

The last two reasons were listed last and behind the box - exactly because they might not mean much to non-Buddhists. But they are still listed as the reasons mean a lot to Buddhists and the market for the box includes Buddhists.

The list of reasons are also found on an exhibition panel during this event -
Cheers! Amituofo

Latayy said...

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GoodTipsGuy said...

Do you know where to get the eco friendly lunch box?

GoodTipsGuy said...

Hi, do you know the supplier of the meal box. thanks.

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