Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mothers' day dinner at 7 sensations

Sorry this is another late post... I celebrated an early mothers' day by bringing mum to 7 Sensations (Formerly Yogi hub) at Madras Street. We had the brown rice set and vegan pizza. Sorry no photos this time my camera batteries went flat :(

The ambience was very relaxing with dim lights. There were quite a number of people inside when we went in. The brown rice set came on a white, long retangular plate with a bowl of soy milk curry on one side the rice in the center and Lotus root slices and veggies on the other side. There was also a bowl of soup accompanying the set. The curry was reasonably done and had a rich coconut milk taste to it. The brown rice was presented very nicely in a pyramid shape and taste nutritious, it makes you feel really happy you are eating something so healthy. The lotus root slices was prepared with some sesame oil I believe, and it taste good! Soup was light and not oily or too salty. The portions were quite small, but too much of something will only get you sick of the taste, so it will leave you wanting to go back and try their food again. $8.80

The "cheese" of the 8-inch vegan pizza was made with tofu and lots of it. I find it a bit too much, so was the (I think) tomato puree. So I made a suggestion to increase the veggies and decrease the tofu cheese. Anyway I didn't quite like the taste of it at the first, but after a few more bites it's quite ok. The crust was nicely done, crunchy, not too hard or soft. This was $14.80

They also have vegan lasagna and vegan cake, I'll be sure to try those the next time I am there.


bazu said...

I love reading restaurant reviews, to see how veggie food is interpreted around the world.

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Sounds tasty!

Jackie said...

Glad you had such a great meal sounds really scrumptious.

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