Monday, May 19, 2008

Vesak day

Happy Vesak Day! This morning I made a trip down to the Burmese temple at Ah hood road with my mum and her friend. Before I got there, I got owned by a pregnant cat who came and brush her body and face over my legs. After several times of brushing and meowing she just lay down to sleep. I just learnt today this is their way of being friendly - by leaving their scent on you. Last time I thouught they had bugs on their body or something.

The Burmese temple was bustling with people. People were paying respects to the Buddha and receiving blessings from the monks.
There were donation boxes set up for people to donate to the Burmese cyclone victims. Also, there was free vegetarian food again this year, but only the bee hoon, veg, and spring rolls are vegan. The bee hoon even when eaten alone, is very very nice. The bo bo cha cha styled dessert was made with milk this time round so it's not vegan.

Yesterday it was "volunteering" at the Vegetarian Society's exhibition at Kong Meng San for a few hours. I wasn't actually doing anything, just spending time looking at the exhibits and booths. I also got to meet Crystal and her son in person :)


zlyrica said...

I think I saw you at kmspks, were you wearing a blue tee with shoulder length hair? hehe

Kumudha said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of the temple.

dreamy said...

Yes Zlyrica, I didn't see you, or maybe I did but I don't know. Can you describe yourself? :)

You are welcome Kumudha

zlyrica said...

I wasn't in the hall all the time, went ard took pictures. Saw you, yeow, the young boy and his mother (Crystal) chatting, then you blogged about it, that how i guess that must be you... hehehe

dreamy said...

hahaha.. good one! Sneaking up on us :)

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