Sunday, June 29, 2008

Laksa and other eats

Laksa: Had the laksa at fork and spoon food court the other day. They don't use dairy, but used those packaged coconut milk that is full of the articifial coconut taste. Not good compared to those laksa with the real coconut taste.

New dumplings: Eastern rice dumpling store along Balestier road has just introduce a new vegetarian dumpling, with peanuts and black fungus. I ate it today, and it was tasteless! Seriously it didn't even taste salty. I think they might have forgotten to put soysauce or salt.

Veg food at Workplace: I have tried to eat at the non-veg mix rice stall beside the workplace - for once. I never go back again after the bad experience. That's just one reason I didn't go back. Anyway, I have gotten pretty used to walking to the not-so-near vegetarian stall at my workplace for food three days a week, now I can walk the same distance in fifteen minutes if I am fast. I have learnt to surrender to a meal of rice and 3 side dishes from the stall everytime and not complain with the lack of variety.

Sometimes, when you pine too much for something, it will never come, but when you let go it arrives.

When I went on friday, I found a new vegetarian stall waiting! Needless to say I went there immediately, and ordered one of my favourite dishes: won ton mee. It was very different from what I expected, they used a different type of thicker noodle for their mee which wasn't really nice. Anyway, I will go back and see how's the other food like. I hope they will survive!

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