Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Three O cafe and Vegetarian house

On sunday I joined a group of vegetarian friends on a trip to 2 animal sanctuaries in Malaysia. The first was Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) and the other was Animal paradise. Traffic wasn't so good and there was a little jam on the way to Malaysia. We went to Three O Cafe 圆缘园 for lunch.

Opened by retired local actor Xie Shao Guang, this vegetarian cafe serves several set meals. Its three specialities are Nasi Lemak RM4.00, Laksa (non-vegan, served with milk, but no coconut milk), and Ba Kut Teh RM6.00. With an extra RM1.50, you can order your Nasi lemak that comes with Kumar (Something like mock mutton rendang) or hot and spicy 'chicken'. The mock ikan bilis that came with it was good! I thought the rice was nice, but some of they said it was usual.

I took a picture of the Ba Kut Teh which Song Mau and Fang Qi had... comments: the mock meat was nice.

Dinner was at vegetarian house 无名阁. They also serve set meals. Don't order the won ton noodles (dry noodles) because it's really a small bowl. Many of the rice sets come with egg though, so do let the person know you don't want egg if you don't take them. I had the Sha Cha Noodles (RM 3.50) and Ice blended Kiwi. The noodles picture was overexposed, so what seemed like a thick layer of oil was not actually there (or maybe it was?! :o).

The taste was very unique and hard to describe, it taste a little like the mock prawn mee paste I got the other time. Later, I learnt that Sha Cha was actually a type of paste. It was sold in their shop as well.


Three O cafe
15 Jalan Permas 10/3 Bandar Baru Permas Jaya 81750 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
Tel: 07-387 6217

Vegetarian house
No. 65 Jalan Utama 2, Taman Utama, 81500 Pekan Nanas, Pontian, Johor
Tel: 016-712 8878


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Easy to get there (the eateries?). I stay in Woodlands and so so near to JB, yet I don't go over :p

The Veg. Penang Prawn Paste, I got from Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier. Cheers :)

Veggie Bun said...

oh, animal sanctuary nice or not? I have a colleague who went there quite often last time..

zlyrica said...

Wah, you have now ventured to JB for vegetarian food, haha, if only i'm that adventure as you :)

dreamy said...

Hi Crystal, from google maps it is at Bandur Baru Permas Jaya, and located very near the permas jaya golf club. When you get into street jalan permas jaya 10/3, you will see an Amituofo building and 3 O cafe is juz one of the units on the 1st storey. It is easier to reach this cafe via the woodlands link.

The vegetarian house at a different part of johor, and it's easier to reach via the tuas link. It is in a row of shophouses. At the extreme end is another veg place which, if I am not mistaken, should be call ciyi vegetarian house.

From the maps both places seem to be pretty close to SG, but both places are located in places full of streets, so be prepbetter ared to bring a map along.

So you like the prawn paste?

Hi VB, nice, you can read about them in the newer 2 posts..:)

No la zlyrica I didn't venture there just for the food hahaha... not so adverturous too, my friend organised this trip and I juz tagged along hehe

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Ok with the veg prawn paste.

Intend to cook the veg prawn noodle then put the veg prawn paste :)

Anonymous said...

is this cafe halal food?

Anonymous said...

Aiya veg no pork lah. You meant the soil need to be hala?

dreamy said...

I am not sure what is halal. The cafe serve 100% vegetarian food. Some with eggs.

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