Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Vegetarian Experience

Finally after 1 week I got down to this... Lots of vegetarian and vegan-suitable foods! And all the money you spent will go to charity :) I had my first vegan cheesecake and vegan cupcakes (Finally! After 3+ years of no cakes :o)

Organic vegan cheesecake with a strawberry top $8 by wholesome living. The vegan cheese does not taste like cheese, but more like soft pudding. The man said their "cheese" was made with nutritional yeast, he didn't reveal more and he doesn't hold cake baking classes, afterall it was a secret recipe :) Wholesome living does bread making classes.

Vegan cupcakes baked by Halimah, chocolate, cookies & cream, and strawberry & vanilla. The cakes were less soft compared to non-vegan cakes. But nevertheless it was good, and the cream on the top was awesome!

Chai Tow Kway which George bought, the taste was rather bland.

Tauhu goreng. A side dish of fried tofu mixed with peanuts and sauce. Average, but a healthier choice :)

Kheng came along and bought lots of stuff...
Dumplings (right) and crystal buns. I like the dumplings, crystal buns were so-so. If the buns were fried, it probably would taste better.

Vegetarian rojak. Love it!

And I bought these home with some other stuff...
Herbal noodles... very herby with the Chinese Angelica taste. The interesting thing about this herbal noodles is they put in vegetables.

Dry Mee Siam

Shark fin soup without the cruelty. I love veg shark fin soup, had my 1st bowl in Malaysia and it was great! But I really have no idea what they used to make the mock fin.


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Your pictures make me hungry! How can I go on diet? :p

Urban Vegan said...

If I lived in SE Asia, I would never even want dessert becuase your savory foods are so darn good! My husband and I go to a Malaysian restaurant here in Philly at least once a week. I love how many veg and veg-friendly options they have.

Your blog always makes me so hungry.

Sunny said...

I am looking for nice vegetarian Chai Tow Kway (without eggs), both white & black version. Any recommendations?

dreamy said...

Crystal you don't have to diet! The food you cooked is so healthy!

UV, it's the opposite here.. maybe we have much savory food and too little dessert :)

Sunny, sorry I am not very sure where you can get veg chai tow kway and especially good ones :(

Jari (travelling-vegan) said...

Damn, are you trying to convert me away from being fruitarian?! It's working... *drools*

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