Thursday, August 28, 2008

Set meals at Lotus veg restaurant

I treated my mum to a meal for her birthday a few days ago. It was raining heavily so we decide to go to Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. This time round we tried their set meals. The Waitress recommended the fried penang kway teow, fried taiwan mee, gravy taiwan mee, and taiwan mee sua. We took the former two. We also had the yam delicacies (dim sum).

With yam paste on the inside... this delicacy was indeed delicately fried on the outside and delicious on the whole! It was gone with one mouthful :)

Fried taiwan mee... oily and taste rather average, but my mum said it was good.

This was the memorable fried penang kway teow.... it really had a taste of Malaysia! Every mouthful brings back memories of the late night suppers I had in Malaysia in the past. No other "vegetarian penang fried kway teow" has ever manage this feat. They even had crispy mock lard in it, but thankfully, it doesn't taste of curelty. The only not so good thing about this dish is that it's very oily.


Jackie said...

What wonderful names for the dishes. You'll have to let us know what they contain.

Anonymous said...

The vegn restaurant at Quality hotel? Ps also put address for your vege places lah :)

Urban Vegan said...

I'm amazed at the number of veggie restaurants you have. All the food always looks mouth-watering to me!

Alisha said...


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dreamy said...

Hi anonymous, the address is Quality hotel, 2nd floor, 201 balestier road.

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