Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vegetarian hawker fare

I was at the bukit timah hawker centre somedays ago and was looking forward to trying out the food at the only vegetarian stall there. Unfortunately they were closed! So I settled for vegetarian Zhui Kueh and malay kueh from a snacks stall instead.

My all time favourite - vegetarian zhui kueh (note some zhui kueh are not vegetarian because they used mince meat). For those who have no idea what is zhui kueh, it's steamed rice cake + bits of preserved radish (cai po).

Malay kueh... I am not exactly sure what it is call in malay. But it's made of glutinuous rice flour + grated coconut + gula melaka.

On another ocassion, I had the chance to eat what some of my veg friends say "the best vegetarian duck rice in Singapore". This hawker fare is found at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Blk 628, #01-27. Take note of the unit number because there is more than one vegetarian stall there.

Presentation was really bad, the mock duck was so-so and it was made from mushroom stems. The gravy rice however, was good!

This was another recommendation - across the street from this hawker centre in a modern coffee shop, the vegetarian stall sell good veg mee pok. Maybe because I packed it home it wasn't excellent, but still above average.

This nasi lemak was bought from the newly opened veg place at my work place. The vegetarian luncheon meat was excellent, but then it look so much like real meat that it fooled one of my collegues.


Sunny said...

Wow, the nasi lemak looks good & Congrats to you:-) Your prayers for vegetarian food near your work place answered!

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

There is a vegetarian stall and Green on Earth Cafe at Beauty World Centre level 4.

I like the malay kueh, i used to have that for recess in primary school. It is easy to make.


dreamy said...

Yes, the nasi lemak was good... some time back I tried their mock chicken rice, was also good. The use cedar shoot for part of the flavour. But of course oily la haha... unhealthy.

Thanks crystal :)

Joanne said...

Hi, I just stumbled on your blog. Was just wondering if the "fish balls" for the vegetarian minced meat noodles were vegetarian fish balls or they were fish balls fish balls

dreamy said...

Dear Joanne,

they are vegetarian "fish" balls, not the real fish balls. Vegetarians cannot take fish.

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