Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Veg food from a Malaysian non-veg restaurant

Last week I went to attend my cousin's wedding in Malaysia and the non-veg restaurant made some veg dishes for us. I came to realise that at non-veg places, you can actually get to eat healthier versions of veg food, because they rarely (if any at all) use mock meat in their dishes. But the downside is, I usually don't see a lot of protein rich veg food served in these places and creative use of veg in dishes is reduced.

Veggie and fried rice

Luo han zhai

Veg shark fin (not like the mock fin at all, just taste like thick soup with veggies)

The few days in Malaysia, I thrived mainly on unhealthy carbs... Singapore is still the better place to get veg food. I came across one of my favourite unhealthy food: putu mayam - something I have been missing for sometime. Vermicelli-like noodles + grated coconut + brown sugar. Use your hands, tear off some noodles, use it to grab some coconut and sugar. Stuff the whole chunk into your mouth and you are done. Basically, you have to eat without manners :) Strangely, food eaten using your hands plus the slurps and smacking of lips seem to taste much better. Putu mayam also reminds me of Tu tu kueh.

By the way maybe you have heard of me mentioning my grandma's village in Malaysia... I took a few pictures and here's one :)


Anonymous said...

The Luo Han Zhai looked nice. It's amazing that non-vegn eatery place can cook this dish well in comparsion to a vegn place. Maybe bec in a vege place, they have few orders as people will tend to order other dishes?

Anonymous said...

I want to visit your grandma too :-)

Urban Vegan said...

This is the only way I ever get Malaysian veg food.

Speaking of Malaysian, I just did a post on Chendols and ABCs...You could provide some interesting insights!

dreamy said...

Hmm I am not sure, but yes, that day we were the only ones eating vegetarian food in the whole restaurant :D

Vegemight: I love it there too, the world seems to slow down and there'll be lots of time to just relax :)

Jackie said...

Having a lack of vegetarian or Vegan restaurants here means all my food eaten out I get via regular places. Not great but slimming as I have a salad and whatever veggies they are serving that day.

Putu mayam almost the same as what I liked as a child putu porrige which was thick corn meal porrige which I liked to roll in balls then roll in sugar, chocolate bits, coconut or whatever was available.

The village street could be set in our Natal region which is a fairly tropical area :)

Veggie Bun said...

Oh, your soup looks good!!

Paul said...

Regarding vegetarian protein - there are a lot of reasons to believe that we don't really need protein in as much as we have been taught by prevailing ideas. Natural Hygiene would suggest that a very minimal amount of protein is necessary. Its suggested that an amount such as 3%-5% of calories typically found in fruit is sufficient protein intake.

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