Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yes Natural

The other day I had dinner at Yes Natural and had their almond paste noodles - this was so long ago, I hope I got the name right...This noodle dish is recommended by the waitress another rice dish recommended was the stone bowl rice (or something like that).

The noodles came with lots of greens on top and the paste at the bottom, this is how it looks after you mix mix and mix.

The taste reminds me of healthy, rich and nutritious biscuits, just that it's in noodle form now :) The greens are rather raw, so retain most of their nutrients. If you feel happy whenever you had a healthy meal, then you got to go to this place for a meal.
You will also get a small bowl of soup accompanying the noodles as well, the soup is very light, and towards the bland side.
Address: Yes Natural F&B (Restaurant)57 Lor 27 Geylang Singapore 388184Tel: (65) 6741 1580

They also have a health food store at 599 Geylang Road Singapore 389538Tel: (65) 6846 1580 (just beside The Whole Earth vegetarian restaurant) which stocks a selection of vegan goods.


Sunny said...

They also have a store selling organic pdts Opp Tiong Bahru Mkt along stretch of 7-11...
If you visit the store after 10am, you will be able to purchase fresh cakes & bread delivered to the store from their Geylang bakery.

Sunny said...

I tried their "Almond" noodles too but still prefer their baked cheese noodles. (I think they are Organic Vegetarian but not sure if Vegan)

Have you visited their Tiong Bahru store?
You may catch a glimpse of their cakes at

Anonymous said...

Yes Natural! I know the place very well. Very good health food shop and recommended by us....yes who are we! Surprise Surprise we are and it's the vinegarman himself writing, you know the one that does all the cocktail drinks at the food exhibitions.

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