Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yes Natural and Lotus Heart

Mui Fan - Rice in gravy from Yes Natural. Pretty usual. What I like about Yes Natural mui fan is that they don't overdo the veggies, they still retain some of that crunchiness.

Stone pot rice also from Yes Natural. The interesting thing about this rice set is they use thin slices of fruit in it so it is a little sweet. The set also contain lots of veggies and mushrooms and some vegetarian meat floss.

These rice sets also come with a bowl of soup - see this entry for soup details.

Lotus Heart at BTRTS have revamped their menu. They no longer serve their daily bento sets now. I ordered the black pepper mock meat rice, but I got black pepper fried noodles - it was still pretty good. Reminds me of the set dishes I had at Lotus vegetarian restaurant.

Fried rice was also nice when it was hot from the wok. But I still prefer the noodles.


urban vegan said...

Looks so lovely and warming, esp since it is freezing cold here.

Daisy Lo said...

Love your blog! Keep posting please, keep on going!

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Anonymous said...

the stone pot rice is yummy! the pickled pumpkin is nice.

lotus heart at BTRTS closed! :(

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