Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hong Kong and Macau trip part 2

I realised I have forgotten to blog about the second part of the HK and macau trip last year :p!

What I really want to show you in this post was the vegetarian food I bought at Sino vegetarian restaurant, near Jordan MTR. I had their vegetarian "beef" noodles which was really good - this dish was actually ovo-lacto, but they ran out of the noodles to make it and did a substitute, so I had it vegan.

Not pretty when packed, but the taste is really different (and good!) compared to the vegetarian Zhi Chars in Singapore. Its unique flavour is something which I have never tasted in Singapore so far. Even the mock meat used tasted different. The serving was also really large and you will be really full unless you like to have 1.5 to 2 Singapore servings of food in your usual meal.

Address of Sino veg rest. at 131-135 Parkes St, Yau Ma Tei, Jordan MTR exit A. It's right at the end of Parkes street which turns into Saigon street.

(Click here to read about the 1st part on the vegetarian food I had at the Big Buddha temple at Lantau island.

The rest of the trip is mainly to the peak, ocean park and disneyland.
View of HK island and Kowloon from The Peak. On the peak, I had boiled vegetables and rice at a non-veg place. Remember to always tellconfirm with the waiter not to use oyster sauce for your veggies even though they said "boiled". This was the most healthy meal I had :D

Ocean park was basically marine animals themed and you get to see lots of marine animals. They are about (or rather they claim they are about) "conservation, education etc. etc.which I thought was just BS.
It's a place where I can't find a single vegetarian place - meat and seafood is what you find. Talk about conservation.
We also get to watch dolphin and seal shows - to bring out the message of living in harmony with sea creatures. Living in harmony when we are keeping them in an unnatural environment, exploiting them for shows. Talk about education.
Disneyland - very good for kids and will satisfy the kid in you. There are vegetarian options if you are willing to compromise a little, no full fledge vegetarian place.

There wasn't time to hunt for vegetarian food in Macau. We signed up for a day tour when we reach Macau and were basically rushed here and there to the tourist spots. However I was told by the tour guide that there aren't any vegetarian places in Macau (or maybe she doesn't know of them :)). Still, there are the famous Macau almond cookies that come in "suitable for vegetarians" labels. Do take note that some of these vegetarian almond cookies contain milk, so are not vegan. But there are dairy-free ones out there, read the ingredients label.


urban vegan said...

I love any kind of noodles. I have got to get to HK one of these days. My friend just took a job there so now I have another reason to want to visit.

Elements for Life said...

that is amazing to see that picture of the city. do you know if there is a big raw vegan community? thanks for this blog.

Wheeler's Crew said...

The food looks delish! Nice post!

Helder Fráguas said...

Very nice description.
Macau is not so big and it is always worth visting it when you travel to Hong Kong
Helder Fráguas

dreamy said...

Hi Elements, I am not sure if their raw vegan community is big, I think it will be easier if you can check ask on HK vegetarian/vegan forums.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know where can this type of noodle be found in S'pore? I love that but don't know where to get "uncooked" one.

Thank you.


miumiu said...

haha there's actually vegetarian restaurant in Macau.. jux that the tourist guide didnt get to know cox she's isnt a veg.

dreamy said...

Hi Anonymous,
Most supermarkets will stock a variety of noodles. If you want even more variety, can visit Yue Hwa at chinatown. Yue Hwa has many imported noodles from china.

Hi Miumiu,
Do you know what are the addresses of the vegetarian places in Macau?

osias said...

I remembered my college days when I use to eat vegetarian food. thanks for sharing this blog.

osias said...

I remembered my college days when I use to eat vegetarian food. thanks for sharing this blog.

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