Monday, June 22, 2009

DeliVege udon noodles

The other day I had the luxury to attend a seminar away from my company. Luxury not because I love attending seminars, but because I do not have to eat from the one and only vegetarian stall near my workplace. I was really near Chinatown, and was spoiled for choices.

Eventually I settled for DeliVege's udon noodles.

Delivege's special is their DFC - Deli Fried Chicken. So naturally the best stuff in the udon noodles is the deep fried mock meat (12 o'clock position in photo).

I also had orange juice (on the house) which was a nice surprise.

Total cost: $8+

This was what I ate on my previous visit to DeliVege.

While scouting the area, I also saw that Maxwell food centre has got at least 2 vegetarian food stalls, and there's one at Amoy food centre.

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