Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Green Pasture Cafe

Ambience: Quiet as there wasn't much human traffic on 4th floor, take the tables right inside the cafe if you want even more privacy. Plenty of organic/vegan/vegetarian stuff being sold in the cafe.

Down to the food... sorry there were so many dishes I could hardly remember their names, so I gave some of them their own names depending on what they most resemble. For the health concious - none of the dishes below contain mock meat :)

Golden pillow (bread wraps)

Salad soba (must try this, they added some molasses, if you don't want it sweet tell them to hold the molasses) contains soba, veggies, seaweed, rice crackers and lots of stuff which I can't figure out what.

Lor Mai Kai (Chicken and glutinuous rice) and salad

Tau pok wraps (Bean curd skin wraps)

Sushi (Riceless)

Rojak, try this. fruits + veggies in special sauce.


They also have soup which you could get from the counter. These were for four people, you'll feel full after eating, yet not heavy inside till you feel sleepy. Cost $10+ per pax.

Address: Fortune centre, level 4.

Btw, there are more veg options at fortune centre now - even Xing Hua vegetarian has moved there (on the 1st floor).


Anonymous said...

I like their salad soba & sushi.

still learning said...

i thought the service was quite bad... the food was healthy and light but given my bad experience, i find it hard to be a returning customer.

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