Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VSS vegetarian food guide

Some days back I went for the launch of the singapore vegetarian food guide at botanical gardens. The VSS committee and volunteers did a great job! The guide features vegetarian eat-outs at orchard, city hall/marina, bugis, chinatown, little india, geylang and more. Organic vegetarian food lovers will also be delighted to see which places they can get their meals.

If you are coming to Singapore, get your copy at Singapore Visitors Centres. Alternatively, if the guide is out of stock or you are a local, you can order the guide from Vegetarian Society Singapore here.

Back to the launch... VSS had Desmond Koh and Nadya Hutagalung as the special guests for the launch and I was surprise to know that Desmond is veg.

What's a veg event without veg food? Veg restaurants and eateries catered their food at the launch and everyone rushed to queue and try them out (so typically Singaporean-style) :)

We had food from Saravanaa Bhavan, Original Sin, Seven Sensations, Living Greens, Deli Vege, Nutri-Hub and Taste of Natural. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get pictures from every eatery.

Taste of Natural

Original Sin


Deli Vege

Ok the following two pictures are not meant to show how much a glutton I was, but rather, the food from some of the eateries which I had no chance to take a picture of :)

My loaded plate 1 - Spaghetti and soup from 7 sensations, the white puffs and rice puffs from Saravanaa Bhavan, the rest were from Original Sin.

My loaded plate 2 - bee hoon was from Delivege, savoury cake and rice from taste of natural, and I think it was shepherd's pie and something else from Living Greens. I can't remember where the white veg roll was from.

And I thought I've just got to show you the biodegradable, environmentally friendly plate we used for the food. Can you guess what it is made from?


Anonymous said...

I take off my hat... in your quest in search of veg food, you left no stone (oops plate) unturned ;-)

Thomas Scott said...

Nice post! Glad to see there are options for us vegans and vegetarians around the world :)
I know where to look should I ever drop into Singapore.

All the best to you!


Anonymous said...

I wish I was there ...
Can VSS place some guides at convenient spots for locals to purchase? E.g. at the Food outlets...
Locals shd also support the locals...

Marshall said...


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Anonymous said...

ahhh Dasmond Koh is veg?? He said that? I think he's hosting some variety show on channel 8 now and it's some food scouting program...definately not veg food lea!!

Anonymous said...

Desmond Koh is veg for sure. His wife, Nadja is flexitarian and working towards being veg. Their daughter is fully veg.

Desmond, being a sportsman advocates, healthy eating and lifestyle but does not force on people to be veg as it is everyone's choice.

The couple was very happy to share their journey into veg diet, during the launch.

Anonymous said...

opps..I think we might be talking about different Desmond Kohs....I'm talking about the one who used to be a DJ..don't think he's married though...But the picture kind of looks like him leh...

Josi Bunder said...

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