Saturday, August 22, 2009

8 treasures vegetarian restaurant

Today's mum's birthday, so she was given a treat at 8 treasures vegetarian restaurant yesterday.

Ambience was chinese style with music in the background, and the restaurant was located on the 2nd storey of a shop house. We ordered the chef's recommendations on the menu.

Vegetarian sea cucumber and tofu. Tastes nice and yet light, doesn't taste oily. Mock sea cucumber does not have the taste of mock meat that makes you scared of it after eating too much. $12.

Vegetarian satay and satay sauce This is very nice! The only mock meat dish we ordered that is really made with mock meat. $6.

Vegetarian "pi pa duck". This tastes ok, and is a healthier version of mock meat vegetarian "pi pa duck" because it is made with taro instead of gluten. However exterior is deep fried. $10.

Vegetarian mock "squid". They really made it look like the real thing, I am glad it's not. This is made of a small bunch of enoki mushrooms wrapped with a layer of mock meat, and then with a layer of seaweed and deep-fried. If you like fried food, this is pretty good. $10.

With chinese tea, rice, starter and towels, the total is $52.80.
8 treasures also accept vegetarian society's $5 vouchers for every $20 spent.

Location: 282 South bridge road

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