Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shojin Ryori at Enso Kitchen

Last sunday I joined some of my friends for a shojin ryori lunch. In Singapore, only Enso kitchen offers shojin ryori at the premises of GOTO japanese restaurant on sunday, lunch time. Reservation is required.

For more information of Shojin Ryori cuisine click here.

The ambience of GOTO japanese restaurant is quiet and cosy, with japanese ornaments sitting on the shelves.

You will settle down to a cup of green tea first and can have a nice chat before the "starter" is served.

The starter is known as the king of shojin ryori - "Tofu" that is not made with soybeans - and instead arrowroot imported from japan and sesame. It is served with sauce and a dash of japan-imported wasabi. Our local wasabi sold in supermarts contain milk, chef Danny said.

We got to try the "late summer" set meal as Japan is experiencing that season now. At Enso kitchen, the set meals change every month.

A close up at the Summer set...
Soft sticky rice with sesame.

Salty "Salad" with cucumber, carrot, seaweed, and a piece of sweet tomato. Leaves a very familiar japanese food taste on your tastebuds.

Red miso soup with a piece of konnyaku, bits of carrot and shiitake mushroom. It tastes like miso + a little marmite to me.

Pumpkin with peanut sauce. This is one dish I like. Pumpkin tastes fresh and sweet, blending well with the sweet and salty peanut sauce, yum!

Teriyaki tofu. This taste rather normal to me, but for people who don't have access to ready made tofu, it would probably be nice. The tofu is rather tough on the outside. What is interesting is the few strands of veggies on top of the tofu, I thought it was some normal vegetable, but it's not! It has the kind of hot taste like wasabi.

Eggplant with ginger paste. The ginger used is organic so that it won't taste as strong as non-organic ginger. This is also one of the dishes me and my friends like, salty and slightly hot.

We also had dessert - rock melon and mochi. The mochi is the best I've ever eaten. Soft and "melty".

The total price of the meal would be around $50 inclusive of GST.


Anonymous said...

the food is great, but portions are utterly pathetic. the whole meal constitutes an appetiser for me!

Penny said...

Shojin Ryori isn't supposed to stuff you, it is a feast for the eyes! I had a wonderful experience w/ this cuisine in Kyoto.

Aaron Lav said...

The "the few strands of veggies on top of the tofu" sound like kaiware, or daikon sprouts.

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