Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vegan birthday cake

The birthday dinner was pre-planned, so I decide to secretly order a black forest cake for my mum's birthday. She never had a cake and candles for her birthday before, so it was a pleasant surprise.

This was ordered from Halimah from Kalavira. Here's her website.

Here's a slice of the cake.

Today the 10th library book sale is on and you get to buy books from the library for $2 each. The crowd was really greedy for the books and people were just shoving here and there. However, if you love cooking or are looking for vegetarian cookbooks, you must attend this sale, plenty of vegetarian cookbooks to choose from if you go early, here are just a fistful.

This sale is on till tomorrow at expo hall 6A, 930am - 800pm)


zweiya said...

hehe, would you be cooking for us? ;)

dreamy said...

hehe.. its a display of what's there not a display of what I bought! :) btw, I like the Shojin ryori from Enso kitchen, will blog about it up next :)

Beauty said...

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